When You Really Want To Get Away, Go Off-Road

There’s a misconception that going off-road means that you can head off into the sunset just as you please. Driving where ever you want whenever you want.

You really shouldn’t do that. And actually, when you think about it, just driving anywhere is contrary to why you want to do it in the first place.

Cars and trucks are not natural in the wild, so taking your vehicle off into anywhere is damaging to the environment. It introduces things that should not be there and causes untold damage to the natural habit.

Here’s the message don’t do that!

What off-road really means

overland trip planner

What off-roading really means is heading off into the wild using dirt track and paths which are already in existence.

Don’t misunderstand though. You will still get the buzz and still be tested to the same extent, as anyone who has been out there before will tell you.

Best go with a guide – at least to start with

It’s easy enough to just get out there but making sure you do it safely is essential. Getting an overland trip planner is a great way to get some experience and learn how to deal with the challenges you will face.

Plan for problems

You never know exactly what you will meet, but some things you can plan for. You know you will need water. You know you’re going in a vehicle which can break down, which can get fats and punctures; carry tools and a spare. You know the capacity of the gas-tank, if you’re going beyond the capacity take spare. Smart planning will help deal with the obvious things, then with a little luck if something really out-of-whack happens you might be able to deal with a little ingenuity.

Find Your Ideal Beach

There is something so incredible about getting away from world and spending some time at the beach. If you are thinking that you want to check out some of the quiet beaches in North Carolina in a very elegant way, then you will want to rent a home. It is not a huge investment, as you are just renting the property for a few days. Or you can rent it for a little bit longer, say two weeks, if you want an extended vacation at the beach! What you are getting is so much luxury, with your own place where you can relax and unwind.

quiet beaches in North Carolina

We believe that going this route is going to give you a lot more enjoyment, as compared to renting a hotel nearby. The first thing you have to consider is that hotels are always very expensive when they are right on the beach. And if your hotel is not near the beach, then you will always have to walk or drive up to the beach during the time that you are staying there. It is much better if you are able to rent a nice property on the beach. Then you can stay in a comfortable place and walk two minutes to the beach.

It is odd that North Carolina is not known for its beaches, even though there are some wonderful ones in the area! Whether you are heading to Oak Island or you are checking out another beach town, you will have a lot of fun. The vibe is always very relaxed, even if you are in the summer season, and you are sure to have a great time. Just remember that you are heading to the beach, which means that you should pack properly before you head out to your trip! Make sure you take a beach umbrella and other accessories that you may need.

Have a Great Family Expedition

This is that time of year for you and the family to go on a vacation. Every family has their own designated time. For most, it is the Spring break. No matter what time of the year it is for you, it is best to have fun and learn something new at the same time. Expect to visit some interesting spots. After all, there are many places around with many stories abounding.

Speaking of stories, every place has a history, but some history stories are more interesting than others. You can’t help it, that is just true. Going to historic sites is a great way to brush up on facts and have some fun time with the family. Examples might include following the lewis and clark expedition route or riding on a historic river raft tour.

lewis and clark expedition route

Learn everything you can when taking such a historic route. It is amazing what you will find out and feel just by being there. Keep in mind that you have it much better than folks did back then. Be grateful as you get to move safely along this once treacherous path. This is now your family expedition to learn and have fun all in an event rolled into one.

This will be the time to check out a site or two online and learn about where you are and some history in detail. Just google the history of the area for some fascinating facts. This kind of integrative family enjoyment has to be good for bonding and communication. Try to do this every year but always keep it fresh. Does that sound like a good idea?

Yes, it sounds like a good idea to visit new places and learn new things. Start out with one well-known spot and expedition and then do something else the next year.