5 Places to Stop on Your DC Tour

It is easy to find something exciting to do in D.C. If you’re visiting the capital in the near future, don’t stop at arranging bus transportation Washington DC for your crew. Instead, learn the very best places to see while you’re in town. Everyone wants to tour the White House when they go to D.C. and while that is always a highlight, there is far more to enjoy in the area, including these five awesome spots.

1- National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art is home to the largest art collections in the U.S. with a variety of work from artists across the globe. It is easy to spend hours at the gallery browsing the work.

2- Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

If you’re looking for something cool to do, a visit to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum is in order. Here you’ll discover aircraft and space related information, artifacts, and memorabilia.

3- Newseum

One of the coolest museums ever, Newseum is on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House and is worth the entire day to enjoy. Even if you can’t stay the entire day, make your way inside.

4- Visit the Noma Neighborhood

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The Noma neighborhood, or North of Massachusetts Avenue, is a spectacular place for tourists to visit and there are many restaurants in the area. You’re sure to find a taste to satisfy your needs in this area.

5- Eighteenth Street Lounge

Perhaps you’ve come to D.C. to experience the phenomenal nightlife that you’ve heard so much about. You won’t be disappointed. Although many bars and clubs are deserving of your time, you’ll appreciate the Eighteenth Street Lounge and its diverse entertainment. It is a bar that you do not want to miss the chance to experience firsthand.