When You Really Want To Get Away, Go Off-Road

There’s a misconception that going off-road means that you can head off into the sunset just as you please. Driving where ever you want whenever you want.

You really shouldn’t do that. And actually, when you think about it, just driving anywhere is contrary to why you want to do it in the first place.

Cars and trucks are not natural in the wild, so taking your vehicle off into anywhere is damaging to the environment. It introduces things that should not be there and causes untold damage to the natural habit.

Here’s the message don’t do that!

What off-road really means

overland trip planner

What off-roading really means is heading off into the wild using dirt track and paths which are already in existence.

Don’t misunderstand though. You will still get the buzz and still be tested to the same extent, as anyone who has been out there before will tell you.

Best go with a guide – at least to start with

It’s easy enough to just get out there but making sure you do it safely is essential. Getting an overland trip planner is a great way to get some experience and learn how to deal with the challenges you will face.

Plan for problems

You never know exactly what you will meet, but some things you can plan for. You know you will need water. You know you’re going in a vehicle which can break down, which can get fats and punctures; carry tools and a spare. You know the capacity of the gas-tank, if you’re going beyond the capacity take spare. Smart planning will help deal with the obvious things, then with a little luck if something really out-of-whack happens you might be able to deal with a little ingenuity.